Welcome to the page of "A rose on a table". This page is about the life of an ordinary Japanese housewife, Japanese home cooking, and household chores.
rose on a table  My wife is interested in rose gardening. She always says. "I want to live on a feeling that a rose is always exhibited on a table." She also enjoys cooking and baking, She does other household chores well everyday. But, she isn't interested in my computer and the internet. So, I will introduce her work in our house for her.( Tatsuya ) since Mon 05 Oct 1998.

The kitchen is a combat field of a housewife. There are many stories of hers kitchen.
 A smell that rice is cooked just now. Rythmical cuting sound. A flame of her oven. A smell of a bread to have finished baking now. She wishes for the health of her family. The work of a housewife is well evaluated.  I recorded her works. Of course, today, I record them. Probably then tomorrow, too. Webmaster Tasuya Kimura.
These photographs took in 2004.
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"Denta・Dentalis" is the website of OFFICE Denta Dentalis at Iwai Bandou City Ibaraki Prefecture Japan.
Tatsuya Kimura release this page. Since Mon 05 Oct 1998. All Rights Reserved.