Onigiri Onigiri means Rice ball. It is very simple cooking. The simplest rice ball is ckooked from gohan(rice) and salt. Therefore many variations exist. There are more 100 kinds of rice balls if there are 100 homes. I introduce several kinds of my home Onigiri.

Uni Onigiri and Karashi-mentaiko Onigiri

Tow kinds of the rice ball is seasoned with Uni and Karashi-mentaiko each. Make 6 in total from 400g hot ckooked rice.You will try each taste.

Ingredients for 2

  • Karashi-mentaiko (Red pepper pickle codfish eggs)
  • Uni (Paste of sea urchin eggs)
  • YakiNori (Toasted laver)
  • Gohan (Hot ckooked rice) 400g
onigiri-1 The front is Karashi-mentaiko (Red pepper pickle codfish eggs).
The back is a Bottled Uni (Paste of sea urchin eggs).
onigiri-2 You prepare a hot ckooked rice. You put the rice of 200g respectively of 2 bowls.
Add tree tee spoon of Uni into the bowl.
Add a bunch of Karashi-mentaiko into the different bowl. And mix both well with spoon.
onigiri-3 Next.You divide about 70g from there. and you wrappe it in a cooking lap.
onigiri-4 You make it to narrow, and you make round shape like a ball.
onigiri-5 You cut a sheet of laver in a suitable size with a scissors. You garnish laver on the surface of it at the end. Then you dish them up in a plate.
Please enjoy it.
This is the most suitable for portable food of a net surfer.

Let's introduce a different type in the next.
For example,

Sekihan Onigiri.
(Rice steamed with red beans.)
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